Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Juice is loose. (Again)

Image result for oj images"I'm not black, I'm O.J.

I hear ya Juice, and now that you are loose again, it might be a good time to remind you that while you do not consider yourself black, white America certainly does. You just don't "allegedly" kill two people in cold blood and walk free because of how messed up our country is when it comes to the treatment of black folks, and then expect white folks to forget about what you did.

And let me say this for the record, as I said earlier on twitter, white folks please don't ask me anything about O.J., I will not speak for that Negro. Us black folks traded him years ago.
Not only is he an "alleged"  murderer, he is a dumb one. He "allegedly" killed two people and got away with it, and he put himself right  back in legal jeopardy by doing one dumb thing after another while he was free.

The result: nine years in jail for something he should have probably gotten probation for.

The Juice being loose again will open old racial wounds, and it will have some folks pontificating about where we are on matters of race in America.

Sadly, when it comes to race, America feels just like it did in 1995. Not much has changed. In fact, you could argue, that things have gotten worse.

If black folks believe that letting one high profile killer go to send a message to white America, would all of a sudden make America a just place, they would be wrong. It's 2017, and we are seeing far too many cases with unjust results in the justice system.     

" that people look at me like a man first, not a black man.” Simpson went on to tell the story of a wedding he’d attended with his first wife and a group of black friends. At some point he overheard a white guest remark, “Look, there’s O. J. Simpson and some niggers.” Simpson confessed that the remark hurt. But that wasn’t the point of the story. The point was not being seen as one of the “niggers.”

Well Juice, you a "nigger" now.

Speaking of not considering himself black, put sportscaster Mike Tirico in that camp.

Apparently Mike has had one plate of bruschetta too many, and now has bought in to this whole Italian thing.

"Tirico says, most people assume he is black. But he’s seen pictures of his father, his father’s mother and his father’s sister – all of whom are white, Tirico says. “The only contact I had growing up was with my mom’s side of the family. And they are all as white as the refrigerator I’m standing in front of right now"

Ok, earth to Mike. Mike, this might be a good time to look in the  mirror my brother. Nothing about you screams Italian to me. I mean you don't even look as Italian as say Giancarlo Esposito (who has more of a claim to Italian roots than you do), and I don't hear that brother running around and chirping that he isn't black.

Self-hate is never a good thing, and it always gets the better of you in the long run.

Just ask O.J. Simpson.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


MORE DISCLAIMERSToday is open thread Wednesday, field hands, and I need your thoughts on a couple of things.

For instance, John McCain being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain tumor, and Donald trump spending an extra hour with his bromance buddy with no other American present.  (That little meet and greet already seems to be paying off for Vlad.)

Also, now that a black police officer has shot and killed an unarmed citizen who happens to be a white women, what are the odds that a jury will find him not guilty?

Holla at your boy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

You gotta wait for the chickens to hatch before you start counting. GOP healthcare bill fails.

Image result for healthcare trump images Today the president of the United States said that he wants the current health- care system to fail because he lost a political battle, and he wants to get even,

Think about that for a minute: The president of "all the people" wants health care to fail so that millions of Americans to be kicked off their health plan, and ultimately they will die or be so sick that they will wish that they were dead. This is your president. Rather than trying to come up with a bipartisan compromise and working with elected officials to come up with a healthcare plan to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans, he tweets and whines like a little baby when he doesn't get his way.

So chalk up another L for trump and the repubs in Washington. They chirped for seven years about "repealing and replacing" Obamacare, but even after wining both houses of congress and the executive branch,  it is still the law of the land. 

Finally, a word about Michael Vick. When the talented but streaky quarterback first came to Philly after a stint in federal prison for dog fighting, I was one of the many birds fans who supported his right to get a second chance and earn a living. He had some rough patches, but thanks to some decent play on the field, and fans like yours truly, he was able to survive.

Now, rather than coming to Colin Kaepernick's defense, he is telling the former San Francisco QB to get a haircut. As if cutting his hair will change the minds of the NFL owners who have clearly black-balled him. It's a kind of informal collusion if you will. All the haircuts in the world won't get Kaepernick back in the league, and this is because the owners have decided that he is not good for their brand or their politics.    

It's sad to think that a league that willingly accepts wife beaters, drug users, and yes Michael, even guys who abuse animals; is not willing to accept a guy who took a moral stance for something he believes in. The last time I checked this is America, and we are supposed to allow each other to freely follow our conscience.

Michael Vick has clearly decided that it is best to sell-out and stay in the owner's good graces. He has come a long way from Leavenworth, Kansas, but sadly, while he is physically free, his mind clearly is not.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

"Made In America"?

Image result for made in america week imagesSo it is "Made In America Week" in trump world. Yes, you read correctly, "Made in America". (No Melania jokes, please. We know that she was not made in America.)

This from an administration led by a man whose family is notorious for importing (and outsourcing the making of goods) items from other countries, including his long ugly ties. (China)

"If America produces the best craftsmanship, why, then, does Ivanka Trump’s company manufacture no items in the United States? As The Post reported just last week, her company relies “exclusively on foreign factories,” including in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, to manufacture the shoes, handbags, blouses, dresses, jeans and shirts for the first daughter’s line of clothing.

Similarly, many items in Trump’s own clothing and home accessories are produced overseas in countries including China, Bangladesh and Mexico. When he excoriates American companies for moving manufacturing jobs overseas, then, he is including himself in his own criticism — but of course would never admit that. Instead, when questioned about why he manufactures items overseas, his answer was, essentially, everyone else does it. "
Anyway, every time I see the rampant hypocrisy of trump and his minions, I search out thoughtful and sane poeple who are not afraid to put their thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see.

This is from columnist Leonard Pitts:

"So here we are, six months later. How time has trudged.
But the calendar does not lie. On Thursday, we will be half a year through the Trump Era. And, contrary to his signature promise, America seems less great by the day. Nor are his other promises faring particularly well.
There is no sign of progress on that border wall, much less any idea how he is going to make Mexico pay for the thing. His promise to preserve Medicaid and provide healthcare for everyone has dissolved into a GOP bill that would gut Medicaid and rob millions of their access to healthcare.
Meantime, the guy who once said he would be working so hard he would seldom leave the White House spends more time on golf courses than a groundskeeper.
But for all that Trump has not achieved, there is, I think, one thing he indisputably has. He has taught us to live in a state of perpetual chaos and continuous crisis. Six months later, the White House commands the same horrified attention as a car wreck or a house fire.
In that sense, last week’s revelation that the Trump campaign, in the person of Donald Trump Jr., did in fact collude with a hostile foreign power to influence the 2016 election was just another Tuesday. Sure, it might have been shocking from the Bush or Obama campaigns. But under Trump, we live in a state of routine calamity.
Besides which, a few days from now, there will be something else. With Trump, there inevitably is. Things can always get worse — and usually do.
And when they can do, we can count on the GOP, that inexhaustible fount of righteous outrage, to stand tall and courageously look the other way. For almost 20 years,the party has never seen a minor episode (“Travelgate”), a sheer nothing (Whitewater) or even an international tragedy (Benghazi) it could not turn into Watergate II. Yet, as credible accusations of treason, obstruction, collusion, and corruption swirl about this White House, the GOP has been conspicuous in its acquiescent silence. It seems the elephant has laryngitis.
But the rest of us can’t stop talking.
Indeed, from the studios of CNN to the bar stools of your neighborhood watering hole, amateur psychoanalysis has become America’s favorite pastime in the last six months. Dozens of theories have been floated, all aimed at answering one question:
What is wrong with him?
But I have come to believe that question misses the point. Sixty-three million people voted for this. And make no mistake, they knew what they were getting. It was always obvious that Trump was a not-ready-for-prime-time candidate, but they chose him anyway. And the rest of us need to finally come to grips with the reason why.
It wasn’t economic anxiety. As a study co-sponsored by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic reported in May, people who were worried for their jobs voted for Hillary Clinton. But people who dislike Mexicans and Muslims, people who oppose same-sex marriage, people mortally offended at a White House occupied by a black guy with a funny name, they voted for Trump.
That’s the reality, and it’s time we quit dancing around it.
This has been said a million times: Donald Trump is a lying, narcissistic, manifestly incompetent child man who is as dumb as a sack of mackerel. But he is the president of the United States because 63 million people preferred that to facing inevitable cultural change. So I am done asking — or caring — what’s wrong with him. Six months in, it’s time we grappled a far more important question.
What in the world is wrong with us? [Source]


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Delta vs. Angry Ann.

Image result for delta airlines imagesI happen to fly Delta airlines a lot, because I usually fly South and make my connections in Atlanta. So, for my domestic flights at least, Delta is usually my airline of choice.

I am glad to say that this trend will most certainly be continuing, because recently right-wingnut mouth piece, Ann Coulter, chose to put Delta on blast.

"In a series of scathing tweets, Coulter called Delta “the worst airline in America” and claimed the airline gave away the “extra room seat” she purchased before the flight departed. A spokesman for the airline confirmed with HuffPost that Coulter was on a flight from La Guardia Airport in New York to Florida on Saturday. "

What a loser! She gets bumped for a seat she paid a few bucks for on an upgrade on and she whines.

Talk about the "victim card". And to think conservatives like to blame liberals and blacks for playing the that card from the deck.

So you had to switch seats. Put on your narrow girl pants and suck it up. Shit happens when you are traveling.

Delta's response was classic.

"But the second was a remarkably bold admonishment from a corporate social media feed:"

Good for them, because political bitterness and rancor has found its way into everyday life, and it's folks like Ann Coulter who are driving the anger train.

We can't seem to get away from these whiny angry people no matter how hard we try.
You would think that the election of trump would make them happy, but it has only seemed to make them worse.

"Coulter’s rant against the airline, which lasted about two hours, included complaints about the flight’s WiFi, which she claims wasn’t working, “probably to prevent passengers from tweeting from the plane about how they’re being treated.”
Coulter claimed she was upset over the alleged seat change because she took the time to “investigate” Delta’s aircraft and meticulously chose her “pre-booked seat.” She pointed fingers at the female passenger in the above photo, claiming that she had “waltz[ed] at the last min” and took her seat."
Oh shut up!
Next time go Greyhound, and then tell the driver to drop you off in small town in fly-over country and just stay there. 
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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Image result for image trump putin press funny

I need a caption for this pic.

Example: Melania, come back here, I promise I won't be like Tiger's wife. This club is just to help me  up this hill.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Where in the world is Jim?

"Jim "loves the City of Lights, he loves Paris. For years, every year during the summer, he would go to Paris. It was automatic, with his wife and his family."
Trump one day asked Jim: "How's Paris doing?"
"'Paris?" Jim replied, as relayed by Trump. "'I don't go there anymore. Paris is no longer Paris.'"

That was our president talking to a bunch of conservatives about his imaginary friend, Jim. 

I am thinking about Jim today because the president is in Paris, and Jim had so many bad things to say about Paris. Heck according to him he doesn't even go there anymore.  trump sans Jim has been beating up on Paris in the past as well. So much so that the Mayor of Paris had to check him a time or two.

Anyway, it seems that the Parisians  have been good to trump on his trip so far. So if the trip goes well, will he (trump) tell Jim not to speak so ill of Paris and France anymore? I am sure it will be easy to do, because something tells me that Jim is never too far from president trump. 

Parisians are so concerned about trump and his friend Jim, that one French reporter actually asked him about Jim today in his press conference with the French president. (Mr. president, if you made up the story about your friend Jim, please take note that the whole world is laughing at us.)  Of course, as is always the case,  the president ducked the question, and deflected so that he wouldn't have to talk about Jim. 

Poor Jim must not be very happy with all the scrutiny that comes with being the president's friend. News outlets have been trying to find him with no luck.  Jim must be a very reclusive guy. 

"Jim from Trump’s description, sounds old, settled, rich. His Paris, one imagines, spanned from Cartier to L’Ami Louis. But he didn’t ring a bell for observers of the New York–Palm Beach power scene. “I haven’t got a clue as to who Trump’s friend Jim is,” David Patrick Columbia, of New York Social Diary, said. “I know a few Juleses but no Jims who fit the bill,” the writer William Norwich said, confessing that he’d been puzzling over Jim’s identity ever since Trump name-checked him. “You really think there is an actual person?” the journalist Kati Marton asked. “Jim is akin to Mexican rapists and Swedish terrorists.”

I am not as cynical as Kati Marton.

I just hope that when Jim does show up the president will keep him away from the codes.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


MORE DISCLAIMERS"Definition of smoking gun
  1. :  something that serves as conclusive evidence or proof (as of a crime or scientific theory)"
So tell me field hands, does this latest e-mail revelation about little Donald hooking up with a Russian lawyer to influence the American election rise to the level of a "smoking gun"?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Will he still "love it" a month from now?

* So here is the analogy: (h/t to Beth) A bunch of bad actors decide to rob a bank. They make all the necessary preparations, and stock up on guns, masks, and a getaway car. They meet at the designated time, storm the building they believe to be a bank, and end up  breaking into a local bakery. They then quickly abandon the plan because they stormed the local bakery instead of the bank.

Did they commit a crime? Of course they did. Attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. They had the intent to rob the bank, or, as it is known in the legal field: the mens rea. All it takes is the "mere preparation" to commit the crime.

So let's look at the acts of this band of merry men for a minute. They want us to believe that this smoking gun with little trump's e-mail is a big "nothing burger",  because they got nothing of substance from the Russian operative. They want us to believe that they were just amateurs and that their actions should be excused because they are new to the political game.   

Time to go back to my analogy. Do you see how this works? They had the intent. The fact that they did not accomplish their goal (at least we don't think that they did) does not change the fact that they intended to.

As one of their own gang members, Charles Krauthammer, said: “Well, it’s a hell of a defense to say your collusion might be incompetent...” 

Little Donald, it might be time to start thinking before you talk. I know it's a family trait to shoot from the hip first and think later, but this is not the time to play games.

And I don't believe for a minute that big Donald was not aware of this little palaver between his troops and Vlad's emissary. The meeting took place in Trump Tower for crying out loud!  How could he not have known about the meeting?

Anyway, time will tell how far this will go. Republicans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that they can close their eyes and this entire Russian saga will just go away. Good luck with that. We are only six months in.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

More Blow.

MORE DISCLAIMERS Ladies and gentlemen, Charles Blow:

"Team Trump wants us all to get over this annoying Russia thing and just move on. Sorry sir, not going to happen.
At the G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the man whose thumb was all over the scale that delivered Trump’s victory. It was like a father meeting his offspring. But was it their first meeting? Maybe, maybe not.
For years Trump claimed not only that he had met Putin, but also that the two men had a great relationship.
Then in July 2016 came the about-face. At a news conference, Trump said, “I never met Putin,” and “I don’t know who Putin is.” This, coincidentally, was the same news conference at which he encouraged Russia’s cyberattack of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to “find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”
Thereafter, Trump would repeatedly deny meeting Putin or knowing him.
Clearly, Trump having a great relationship with Putin, and Trump not knowing Putin at all, cannot both be true.
I say this to remind you of something that you can never allow to become normal and never allow to become acceptable: Our “president” is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, all the time. Lying is his resting condition.
Therefore, absolutely nothing he or his team says is to be believed, ever.
With that in mind, we are told by Rex Tillerson, our secretary of state and the man upon whom Putin bestowed Russia’s Order of Friendship, that Trump “opened his meeting with President Putin by raising the concerns of the American people regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election,” and that Trump repeatedly “pressed” Putin on the issue, and of course Putin denied, again, Russian involvement.
The Russians say Trump accepted Putin’s denial, although the White House denied that account. Trump is full of lies and Putin is full of tricks. Who to believe?
Tillerson’s telling gives pause.
When asked if Trump spelled out consequences Russia would face for their attack on our election, Tillerson said Trump and Putin focused on “how do we move forward” because “it’s not clear to me that we will ever come to some agreed-upon resolution of that question between the two nations.” At another point, Tillerson said Trump and Putin agreed to establish a working-level group “around the cyber issue and this issue of non-interference.”
This is also outrageous. I didn’t get the sense that Trump strongly asserted as fact that Russia attacked our elections or that Trump would seek to punish Russia. The readout tells the opposite story, one of Russia being let off the hook. And this whole business of setting up a cybersecurity working group with the Russians is like inviting the burglar to help you design your alarm system.
In a Twitter tirade Sunday morning, Trump wrote: “I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election. He vehemently denied it. I’ve already given my opinion. …”
But Trump’s opinion, as expressed the day before his meeting with Putin, was that the source of the attack was something of an open question. At a news conference in Warsaw, Poland, Trump said: “I think it could very well have been Russia, but I think it could well have been other countries.”
This is a slap in the face to our intelligence community that has unanimously rendered their verdict: It was Russia!
Trump continued on Twitter: “…We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives. Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!”
No, sir, this is not the time to “move forward” with Russia, but rather time to “move forward” against it.
Last week, CNN reported that “Russian spies are ramping up their intelligence-gathering efforts in the U.S., according to current and former U.S. intelligence officials who say they have noticed an increase since the election.”
CNN continued: “The officials say they believe one of the biggest U.S. adversaries feels emboldened by the lack of a significant retaliatory response from both the Trump and Obama administrations.”
And on Saturday, The New York Times reported on another undisclosed meeting between members of Trump’s campaign and people connected to the Kremlin, writing:
“Two weeks after Donald J. Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination last year, his eldest son arranged a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan with a Russian lawyer who has connections to the Kremlin, according to confidential government records described to The New York Times.”
The Times continued: “The previously unreported meeting was also attended by Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman at the time, Paul J. Manafort, as well as the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.” The Times pointed out that the meeting “is the first confirmed private meeting between a Russian national and members of Mr. Trump’s inner circle during the campaign.”
America is under sustained, possibly even accelerated, attack by a foreign power, the
same one that attacked our election, and Trump not only wavers on the source of the attack, but also refuses to condemn the culprit and in fact has a penchant for praising him. This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and we must press on until we uncover the source of the rot." [Source]